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Julian Charrière in Nature in Arte

This summer, MOCAK will present Nature in Arte, an exhibition featuring contemporary works of more than 70 artists, in techniques ranging from painting, photography and video to object and installation. The artists explore humanity's relationship to the natural world, and the exhibition has been divided into five parts: beauty, ecology, confrontation, matter and symbol.

In works related to beauty, artists eternalise picturesque views, imitate processes that take place in nature, evoke the sensation of being in the presence of nature and provide scope for the contemplation of its perfection. Ecology focuses on concern for the predicament of the natural environment, and action on behalf of the preservation of nature but also apocalyptic vis. Confrontation revolves around the clash – or integration – of the artist with the forces of nature, human endeavours to face up to its challenge and comparing their respective strengths as well as making nature part of the creative process. Matter relies on the artists employing organic elements and creating representations that rely on accurate rendition of the structure and expression of the given surface. Symbol predominantly refers to representations of animals that illustrate human stances and characteristics.

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